When is Gillian’s actual birthday?
Gillian Leigh Anderson was born on August 9, 1968. She will turn 50 (we can't believe it either) on August 9, 2018. It is rumored that she is forever young. And possibly a unicorn.

The birthday campaign is several days long. Do I have to participate every day?
We’re aiming to concentrate acts of kindness and goodwill from August 4-9. You can volunteer/donate once during that time, or every day if you’re in the giving spirit. Many of us live all over the world and this will allow us to have a group experience, learn from one another, and share information about our causes, while also expressing our thanks and birthday wishes to Gillian in the days leading up to her birthday. It should be a fun and inspiring several days.

Oh, no! I can’t volunteer during the campaign dates. Can I still participate?
Yes! If you volunteer or give before the dates, simply save some photos and messages to post during the campaign dates. If you’re planning to volunteer/give soon after the dates, plan to share some information about the cause you will be supporting.

I hate doing things alone. Are there other Gillian fans in my city?
We are everywhere! Post about your volunteer/giving project using #AllHeartGillian with the name of your city, and see if there are fans interested in meeting up to work together!

Who is Gillian Anderson?
You're kidding, right?  Check out her official website.

Stella Gibson does not approve (The Fall)

Stella Gibson does not approve (The Fall)

I love all the swag! Are the profits being donated?
Yes, 100% of the profits from #AllHeartGillian swag offered on RedBubble.com and Etsy will be donated to one or several of Gillian's chosen charities (listed on her website). After the campaign, we'll post the total amount raised, and share the donation info. This is a fan-run giveback campaign but honesty and accountability are important to us - you'll be the first to know where your dollars go. *Update: As of June 2017 over $2,500 has been raised for various charities.

How did you come up with the hashtag?
A bunch of Gillian fans got together on Twitter to start bouncing around ideas for a birthday celebration. We made a list of literally 50+ possible hashtags, some of which were absolutely terrible, and others had us in hysterics (#GiveAFuckLikeGillian and #WeBeGillian). We narrowed that down to a solid six, and took a vote! Democracy lives in the fandom. The hashtag for the campaign is evergreen – it can be used annually, and all year round.

You know that the 2016 dates for the campaign were kind of dirty, right?
Well, we are talking about Gillian here. Seems legit to choose 6-9 for the first year. 

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