As we count down the days until Gillian's 50th birthday, we will be posting 50 quotes from people around the world about why they #AllHeartGillian.  Be sure to follow us on twitter for daily updates. 


Gillian inspires me to be the best person that I can be. She personally gave me advice in NYC, and I constantly use her words of encouragement to help me in my daily life. I will forever be grateful for her.


Gillian, just want to say how much I admire and appreciate you. You are always natural and human. I love the way you are so much. You inspire me every day, to go on and be the best woman I can be.


Gillian is funny and cute. Gillian makes me laugh. Gillian is unique and inspiring in my life. And I thank God that I was allowed to meet her, and I hope that next time I will have the opportunity too. God bless Gillian Anderson.



I don’t care for the word "aging" but she does it so gracefully. She seems to have found strength in using her voice and expressing her opinions - as a woman, it actually makes me look forward to getting older!


I haven't met her but she is someon I can relate to.


She's showed me how much women are stronger than men. She's taught me that being a woman is something that I should be proud of. I'm grateful and thankful, because my life is better now. She's my role model.